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Four Seasons Icons

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This is a community for seasonal and holiday icons!
Welcome to Four Seasons Icons!

4seasons_icons is a community for seasonal and holiday icons. I know I get in the mood to make icons for whatever season is hanging around at the moment, and I thought I'd create a community where anyone can share their own seasonal icons.

There are a few guidelines to follow, but for the most part, this is an open, relaxed community. Join up and celebrate your love for the seasons!

General Rules
  • Be nice. No flaming, and please don't be rude or nasty. This is not the place for drama.
  • Anyone breaking a rule about icon posting will be asked to fix their post ASAP. If the post isn't fixed in 24 hours, it will be deleted. You may repost deleted posts if they are edited to follow the guidelines.
  • Don't pimp your own community here. You may link to your icon community when you post graphics, but don't post just to spam. You'll be banned if you do, and your post will be marked as spam.

Icon Posting Rules
  • Only seasonal icons may be posted in this community. Please don't post celebrity icons or fashion icons or what have you. You may include people and animals in your icons, but the main focus should be on the seasons and/or holidays.
  • Do not link to locked icon posts. This community is about sharing icons, not restricting access to them. If you link to a locked post, you will be asked to either unlock it or delete your post to 4seasonsicons. If you lock posts after a certain amount of time, you can post a link here, but you must clearly indicate that the post will be locked in the future.
  • Linking to icon posts in your journal is perfectly fine. We all want to save our bandwidth. However, if you're linking to an icon post in your own journal, your sample icons must be seasonal.
  • Use an lj-cut tag for more than three images or for any image larger than 100 x 100 pixels.
  • You may post headers and friend-only banners here, but they must be seasonal and behind an lj-cut tag.

Icon Taking Rules
  • Please respect the icon makers' wishes in regard to commenting and crediting.

  • If you have any questions or comments, or if you'd like to be an affiliate, please email me, eiluned, at eiluned AT livejournal DOT com


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